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Doctor Operating CT Scanner

MRI Scan

Our patients are at the core of everything we do

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is a way of taking pictures inside the body using strong magnetic fields and radio waves. An MRI scan is a safe, painless, and non-invasive procedure which captures high-quality images of inside the body. MRI scans are widely used to view the joints, muscles, nerves, bone marrow, blood vessels, and other body structures.

During an MRI scan, the patient lies down on a table that slides through a large tunnel containing powerful magnets. It is this strong magnetic field that allows doctors to see inside your body in a way previously only possible through surgery.

It is suitable for every part of your body, including bones, soft tissues, and the brain, and is one of the most advanced imaging techniques used to date.


Your scan images are available immediately after the scan. These will be provided to you on a CD which you will receive at reception before your departure.


A Consultant Radiologist will analyze and report on your scan. We aim to deliver all reports to your PCP or referrer via email within 3 working days.

Working with Seattle's top Healthcare Specialists

We work with some of Seattle’s leading PCPs, Chiropractors, NDs, Pain Management Physicians, and Osteopaths to ensure each patient receives the highest level of healthcare unique to them. We work together with each clinician to define relationships that complement the overall experience you get when you visit Pacific West Diagnostic Imaging. 

Our full body scan gives you the results you need when you need it the most, giving you more insight into your health.

You may choose to have a full body scan if you are concerned about your lifestyle and its impact on health, interested to know about your body, are seeking reassurance or want to identify diseases as early as possible.

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