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Full body mri

Our full body MRI scan provides immediate insight into your current overall health and wellbeing. A full body MRI scan includes vital organs and blood vessels, including the brain, abdomen, pelvis, soft tissue and heart. 

What could be identified by having a full body scan?


Your MRI imaging findings provide essential prognostic indicators, helping doctors decide how aggressive management needs to be.  You can substantially improve morbidity and mortality with early diagnosis and aggressive management in the acute setting.

Joints and muscles

An MRI scan can help diagnose pain and symptoms relating to severe joint pain, injury, ligament tears, and bone fractures. Examples of joints include your shoulder, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, knees, legs, ankles, and feet.


An MRI scan would help find possible causes of sciatica, back pain, injury, scoliosis, or paralysis. The spine MRI is excellent for accessing the intravertebral and the spinal cord, and will recognize degenerative changes, disc herniation and prolapse, facet joint degeneration, any spine cord lesions or masses such as meningiomas. The spine is scanned in two parts, the upper and lower. 


A face MRI scan is a diagnostic tool used to look into specific areas of your face, such as the bones, joints, and soft tissues. This includes the ears, eyes, sinuses, jaw, and nose. 


Issues with your prostate, fibroids, ovarian disease, arthritis, bursitis, groin issues, gynae problems and unidentified hip pain can be diagnosed with MRI.


In a move to reduce unnecessary surgery, MRI scans to help diagnose prostate cancer soon. A prostate MRI can also detect other prostate conditions, like infections or benign prostatic hyperplasia. And it is better than prostate biopsies at differentiating between clinically significant and insignificant cancers. 


MRI scans can provide photographs of the heart, including the valves and blood vessels, which can aid in the diagnosis of heart disease or defects, such as congenital heart disease and heart muscle conditions.


Abdominal pain can involve the liver, kidney and pancreatic pathologies. Our expert team at Pacific West are on hand to help you at every step of the way.


Soft tissue MRI scans can provide detailed images that show the difference between normal and diseased tissue, such as a tumor. It can monitor the progress of a tumor to see whether it is shrinking or increasing.

Who Are We

Why would you need a full body MRI?

Early detection can save lives. With recent technological advancements, we can now get the answers we need and knowledge about our health. For yourself and those around you, become and remain healthy.


To identify certain diseases as early as possible


To provide some peace of mind.

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